Doncaster woman's legal battle after contracting salmonella during 'horrendous' Mexico holiday

A Doncaster woman whose dream holiday at a luxury resort in Mexico was ruined when she contracted salmonella has launched a legal battle to gain justice following her ordeal.

Jacqueline with husband Robert and daughter Lucy.
Jacqueline with husband Robert and daughter Lucy.

Jacqueline Nicholson, 46, from Arksey, developed symptoms including stomach cramps, lethargy and diarrhoea around halfway through her all-inclusive stay at the Riu Yucatan in Playa del Carmen, Mexico in March this year with her husband Robert, 53, and their daughter Lucy, 13.

Despite receiving treatment and medication during the holiday - which was booked through TUI - the severity of the problems meant she was left with no choice but to seek further support from her GP on the return to the UK. It was then confirmed that she had salmonella.

Following the problems, Jacqueline has now instructed specialist lawyers in Irwin Mitchell’s International Personal Injury team to investigate the cause of her illness and help her gain answers regarding whether the problems could have been prevented.

Jacqueline fell ill in Mexico in March.

Jayne Murphy, the specialist illness lawyer in Irwin Mitchell’s International Personal Injury team who is representing Jacqueline, said: “Through our work we have seen the huge consequences that holiday illnesses can have on those affected, often leaving them with long-term health problems from which they may never fully recover.

“As such, we are hugely concerned by the first-hand account from our client and are already making enquiries in relation to the issues that she has faced.

“We are determined to secure answers for our client, it is also vital that if issues are identified that lessons are learned so no one else suffers in the future.”

Jacqueline’s stay at the Riu Yucatan resort began on March 18 this year, with her illness problems then emerging around a week later.

The family's holiday was ruined by Jacqueline's illness.

She recalled: “We had seen a few issues which had concerned us like some of the food was undercooked and staff not using gloves in the restaurant, but I still never expected to be hit so hard by illness.

“The symptoms were absolutely horrendous and I had no choice but to seek medical attention while out there. However, the symptoms just continued so I knew when I was back in the UK I would need further support.

“When you book a holiday like this you simply never expect that you’re going to develop an illness like salmonella. This was meant to be a special family time yet the illness turned the holiday into an ordeal.

“I deserve some explanation regarding how this happened and I just want to know that steps can be taken to stop anyone else facing such problems.”

The family has now launched a legal battle over the 'horrendous' holiday.