Drunk, 52, jailed for molesting women

A DRUNKEN man who molested four women in a 20-hour period including two sales assistant in shops has been jailed for 18 months.

Dale Robinson, 52, left two of his victims in tears by his behaviour in May, Leeds Crown Court was told.

Michael Greenhalgh prosecuting said the first incident happened on the evening of May 30, when a teacher was standing at the bar of the Headingley Taps pub in Leeds and suddenly felt someone pulling up her one- piece dress before touching her over her underwear.

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She was shocked and upset and told staff what had happened and Robinson was later identified after his subsequent offences came to light.

The following day a sales assistant in a Leeds city centre store was working at around 11.30am when Robinson came up behind her, grabbed her bottom over her trousers and began squeezing.

She was frightened, particularly when she turned round and he said, “I’ll see you later” before walking off, leaving her in tears.

Mr Greenhalgh said at 4pm Robinson struck in the HMV store as a shopper was looking at DVDs. She was wearing leggings and a long top and suddenly felt someone touch her private parts forcefully over her clothing.

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Half an hour later Robinson was in another city centre shop where a sales assistant noticed him looking at her, making her feel uneasy. She tried to ignore him and was hanging clothing on a rail when she suddenly felt her skirt being lifted roughly from behind.

She heard Robinson say “I’m sorry” as he moved away when she turned round. She was shaking and crying and told security what had happened and they were able to detain him.

Ian Cook representing Robinson said he had never been in trouble for sex offences before. Alcohol abuse was at the root of his problems and he had taken even more than usual in the period concerned.

Robinson, of Stanningley Road, Leeds, admitted four charges of sexual assault.

Judge Geoffrey Marson QC ordered Robinson to register as a sex offender for 10 years.

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