Drunken man sprayed with CS gas after attacking police in Pontefract

A drunken man had to be sprayed with CS gas after he lashed out at officers in Pontefract, a court was told.

Leeds Magistrates' Court
Leeds Magistrates' Court

Alan Gordon Holt, of Eastbourne Crescent, Pontefract was found laid out on a patch of grass on his street and reportedly being abusive to passers after spending a night drinking.

The 55-year-old was approached by two officers who tried to help him to his house just yards away but his mother, whom he lives with, refused to let him in because of his condition.

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Leeds Magistrates’ Court was told how Holt then began shouting and swearing, before becoming aggressive towards the officers.

Struggling to restrain him, they were able to bring him under control using the spray which incapacitated him.

Holt admitted one charge of being drunk and disorderly and one of obstructing a police officer on the evening of September 26.

Mitigating, Alex Boyd said his client could not remember anything from the night apart from being sprayed, and that he had intended to sleep outside.

The court was told that Holt had 107 convictions since 1975, with multiple drunk and disorderly charges.

Mr Boyd said: “He has a record littered with offences related to drink.

“He is taking steps to deal with the things that lead him to drink, he no longer has a desire to drink.

“He believes that the only thing that can stop him drinking is himself.”

The magistrates gave him a 12-month conditional discharge and made him pay a £20 surcharge.

They opted not to fine him because already owed the court ‘significant amount of money’ from a previous conviction.