Ed Miliband shocks Twitter after revealing his taste in chocolate

Doncaster North MP and former Labour leader Ed Miliband has sent Twitter into a frenzy after revealing his taste in chocolate.

Ed Miliband prefers Buttons to Freddos, apparently.
Ed Miliband prefers Buttons to Freddos, apparently.

The politician, who has become a sensation on the social media site since stepping down as leader of the party, has revealed his favourite sweety treat is a pack of Cadbury's chocolate Buttons - but that didn't go down too well with some of his supporters, the so called Milifandom.

Ed's response came after Miliband fan account The Miliverse tweeted: "Meanwhile, in the other timeline, Prime Minster Miliband promises to freeze the price of Freddos," along with a mocked-up picture of him clutching the popular chocolate bar.

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But Ed bounced back and replied: "Sorry but I prefer Buttons" - and that left some scratching their heads.

@samstyles147 wrote: "This is why you lost Ed," while Joe Oliver joked: "This is the sort of tyranny the county was lucky to escape.."

Jamie Förester tweeted: "and to think I voted for you" with Gareth Jones echoing his thoughts with the message: "Can't believe I voted for this clown."

But like a true leader, sensing division Miliband put forward his vision for a Different Britain, a Stronger Britain, later writing: "It's time to unite lovers of Buttons and Freddos. There can be justice for both."