'˜Emotional' Yorkshire drivers causing accidents

One in 10 Yorkshire drivers has committed a motoring offence because they were behind the wheel in an emotional state.


Twelve per cent of those quizzed by Confused.com admitted breaking the law due to being upset and angry while driving.

Most confessed to speeding or running red lights during an emotional phase, while 3.2million drivers in the UK claim to have had an accident or near-miss because of their feelings.

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Unsurprisingly, anger was the emotion most likely to lead to reckless driving decisions, with 84 per cent of Yorkshire motorists saying traffic was most likely to increase their stress levels and affect their driving ability.

Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at Confused.com, said:

“What’s worrying about our findings is that over half of the nation don’t believe their emotions impact their ability to drive. And yet our research overwhelmingly tells us that they do.

“With a third of all emotion-based accidents or near misses – over one million each year - being triggered by anger for one reason or another, it’s critical that we keep our emotions in check while we’re on the road.

“Refusing to get embroiled in an argument while driving – or letting your feelings affect you – is key to road safety. Drivers that do find themselves involved in road accidents caused by their emotions will need to notify their insurer, which could result in increased insurance premiums.”