Bridestones moor: Community group crowdfund to buy piece of Yorkshire moorland

Conservationists including members of the local community are aiming to buy a famous 114-acre piece of moorland in Yorkshire.

Bridestones, which is off Eastwood Road in Todmordon, has been listed for sale and a community interest company, Bridestones Rewilded, has been formed with a Crowdfunder appeal underway aiming to raise £55,000 towards a potential purchase.

The Crowdfunder, which has five days to run, has reached just over half of that target as of May 13, with £28,259 pledged so far.

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The moor guide price is £575,000 and the group has indicated on social media – via the public Bridestones Moor Community Page on Facebook – that it has had an offer accepted.

The Bridestones, Bridestones Moor, Todmorden. Picture by Yorkshire Post Photographer Bruce Rollinson.The Bridestones, Bridestones Moor, Todmorden. Picture by Yorkshire Post Photographer Bruce Rollinson.
The Bridestones, Bridestones Moor, Todmorden. Picture by Yorkshire Post Photographer Bruce Rollinson.

Bridestones Rewilded says its aim is to buy the “cherished” moor, aiming to establish Calderdale’s first community-owned nature reserve if they are successful.

A fundraiser and the chance to find out more is also being held this Sunday, May 19, at the Golden Lion pub in Fielden Square, Todmorden town centre, from 1.30pm to 6pm.

They say the moor has been listed for sale, with suggestions that it could be restored for nature, and the group says they are “determined to uphold and rejuvenate its natural heritage for the benefit of wildlife and local people.”

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More than 130 people have so far contributed to the money raised – details of how to donate can be found at

Comprising naturalists, ecologists and members of the local community, Bridestones Rewilded is spearheaded by Anthony Arak, who said: “We are appealing to everyone who appreciates wildlife and supports our aims of holding Bridestones Moor for the local community to make a donation to the new crowdfunding campaign.”

Renowned for its distinctive stones, which local folklore suggests resemble a bride and groom, Bridestones Moor is alive with wildlife, such as curlew, lapwing, golden plover and red grouse, he said.

The conservationists’ vision entails preserving the moor as a community owned nature reserve – accessible to all, with an aim to benefit both people and wildlife, said Mr Arak.

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The group says that central to its ambitions is the revitalisation of carbon-rich peatlands, ancient grasslands and vibrant heathlands, creating a space for responsible outdoor recreation, education and fostering connections with nature.

Mr Arak said: “The overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve already received shows Bridestones Moor is cherished by many people.

“It is a place where people enjoy access to the outdoors and where nature can flourish.

“There is a growing recognition that moorlands like Bridestones are not only important for the diverse habitats they provide, but also their crucial role in absorbing carbon and protecting our communities from flood risk by slowing the flow of water during periods of high rainfall.”

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