'My personal wellbeing is less important than the planet' - MP Alex Sobel speaks at Extinction Rebellion demonstrations

Leeds North West MP Alex Sobel joined Extinction Rebellion protests in London despite warnings he could be arrested if he was to do so.

The Labour MP revealed he is working on a bill with the climate action group to force the Government to meet their three demands for politicians to tell the truth, to commit to carbon neutrality by 2025, and to set up a citizen’s assembly to help tackle the environmental issues faced.

Mr Sobel said: “I’m here right in front of Parliament because the Government hasn’t declared a climate emergency, they haven't conceded to any of three demands of Extinction Rebellion, and action needs to happen immediately.

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“We are not seeing a fall in our climate emissions, we are not seeing the transformation of our society that we need if we are to avoid warming of over one and a half degrees and the terrible climatic effects that will bring and what’s really important here is one, we’re building public pressure, and two we’re pressuring the legislature, we’re pressuring Parliament.

“I’m working with Extinction Rebellion on a Private Member’s Bill - because the Government aren’t bringing forward a bill - to try and meet some or all of Extinction Rebellion’s three demands and I’m hoping to put that down in the new session.”

Speaking to The Yorkshire Post Mr Sobel added: “As a lifelong environmentalist, I feel that it is vital the Government immediately calls a climate emergency. I stand shoulder to shoulder with Extinction Rebellion and am working with them to legislate in Parliament.

"I realised the risk of arrest, but when it comes to climate change, my personal wellbeing is far less important than the wellbeing of the planet and future generations.”