Photographer takes picture of obese squirrel that 'needs a gastric band' in Bradford park

A photographer has snapped what could be Yorkshire's fattest squirrel stocking up on nuts.
The obese squirrel in Horton Park, BradfordThe obese squirrel in Horton Park, Bradford
The obese squirrel in Horton Park, Bradford

David Oxtaby, from Ilkley, was photographing wildlife at Horton Park in Bradford when he spotted the chubby critter.

The grey squirrel appeared severely overweight and was still foraging for more food.

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Meet the conservationists protecting Yorkshire's red squirrel colony"It has to be the fattest squirrel I've ever seen! I suspect he may need a gastric band," said David.

Grey squirrels do not hibernate over winter, but during autumn can eat their entire body weight in food in a single week in order to store fat for the colder months. They also collect and 'stash' nuts to eat later on.

They sleep in 'nests' inside tree trunks, and January is the time when most young are born.

Photographer captures stunning images of red squirrels in the Yorkshire DalesWhile grey squirrels are common throughout Yorkshire, there is also a small colony of rarer red squirrels living in the Yorkshire Dales. The colony is carefully managed to ensure the species survives, and a viewing area has been set up in Snaizeholme so visitors can watch them feed.