Silent protest as residents raise safety fears about new centre

RESIDENTS will mount a silent protest tomorrow as councillors visit the site earmarked for a controversial new visitor's centre on Spurn Point.

Looking north along Spurn Point from the top of the 150ft high lighthouse

Up to 50 people will stand quietly with placards as the bus bringing East Riding councillors comes to the site ahead of a meeting at County Hall in Beverley on Monday.

Councillors deferred a decision last month. Planning officers are again recommending approval of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s plans.

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Resident Dave Tucker insisted they weren’t nimbys - as they would be happy with an alternative centre 300 yards down the road.

Spurn Point lighthouse. Credit: John Leigh, Sheffield

The proposed site was 6ft under in floodwater in the tidal surge, which swept away the road onto the peninsula.

Although the Environment Agency has lifted its objection, it has said the site at the Triangle Field “remains at a substantial risk of flooding”.

Mr Tucker said: “If they moved it further down the road the Spurn Bird Observatory would support them, businesses would support them and local people would support them. “But they are just not willing to negotiate.

“It would be easy for us to do nothing, but when you think people’s lives could be endangered you feel you have to do something.”

Spurn Point lighthouse. Credit: John Leigh, Sheffield

The trust has said they have a system to ensure no one is on site when there is a possibility of flooding.

Spurn Gateway Manager Peter Waddingham said the plans had been adjusted following consultation and it was “the only location the Trust believes is suitable; ensuring the most sensitive areas of Spurn are protected from disturbance and that visitors are properly welcomed and can enjoy a safe, enjoyable and informed visit to Spurn National Nature Reserve.”