WARNING! Tarantulas the size of dinner plates are on the loose

Giant bird-eating tarantulas from Brazil are be on the loose in an northern village.

According to the Mail Online, the RSPCA has revealed that pots containing the species of venomous spiders were run over by a vehicle in a car park in Derbyshire.

It explained that three baby tarantulas were found to have survived the accident, but the driver of the car believes he saw two 'larger spiders' – possibly the parents – scuttling away.

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Where they have gone no one knows. But locals are sure to be worried as the spiders can grow to have a leg span of 10in.


The RSPCA said the pots had different labels including one saying 'Brazilian pink bird-eating spiders'. This would be a reference to the Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater, one of the largest tarantulas in the world. While its body is black, it takes its name from the pink hairs that grow along its legs and abdomen.

They are popular pets because they are considered to be 'docile'. But if provoked they will unleash a venomous and very painful bite from their inch-long fangs. They can also shoot out hairs from their abdomen which are extremely irritating and will cause blindness if fired at the eyes.

A total of ten pots were abandoned in the car park at Birchwood Lane in Somercotes. Two were run over and the pair of adults may have taken the opportunity to escape. The others contained the babies and also eggs.

RSPCA inspector Kristy Ludlam said: "The woman caller who contacted us was understandably shaken when she realised the pots contained spiders as she is terrified of them. It appears someone ran over two of the pots and the driver told the woman who called us he thought he saw two larger spiders.

"No bodies were found so it is assumed they may have escaped."

The inspector added: "It is likely the spiders were unwanted pets which they may have been breeding and then decided to dispose of for whatever reason.

"The RSPCA would always ask people who are struggling to cope to let us know.'

The baby spiders have been taken to Arnold and Carlton Veterinary Centre in Nottingham where they will be cared for until they are ready to be re-homed.

Anyone with information about the spiders should contact the RSPCA.