Wolds Diary: Archbishop delivers wonderful experience to cap hectic week

Sometimes I wish there were more than seven days in a week. This last week has been very hectic for me. I have, however, enjoyed some of it very much.

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, provided a delighful service. Pic: Steve Ellis

As well as the usual dog walks and mundane items such as shopping and housework, I started the week by going to talk to the Ladies Fellowship at the United Reform Church at Elloughton, near Brough.

This is not an area I know very well and having allowed plenty of time, arrived very early and took the opportunity of shopping at a large supermarket in Brough.

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The church is a rather magnificent building and is currently undergoing works in the back rooms. We were in the main church hall which had a very fine organ. The pews are delightful, and when the assembled ladies got comfortable, I think the talk went well. I met some very kind women, and was even able to give one lady a lift home afterwards which saved her husband coming out to fetch her.

Often when I drive home at night I see wildlife, and this drive was no exception, I saw a badger, two foxes and a host of rabbits.

The next day I was busy with the garden and my handyman was putting up some hedging and fencing for me. This will give me more privacy and my dogs will be less disturbed by my neighbours. In the evening I went to sit with my friend so his wife could go and see a film. I managed to knit about half a sock by the time she returned, and was able to give her a much needed break.

The next day I must have got dates or something mixed up. I went over to Ripley Castle for an engagement only to realise after some time that either I had mistaken the date or it had been cancelled and no one had told me. I did enjoy the drive over there, and the weather was interesting on the way back, alternating between heavy hailstones and as I got further east it changed to a pleasant sunny spring afternoon.

As I drive around I cannot help but be delighted by the blossom on the blackthorn bushes in the hedgerows and the blossom of the shrubs, the greens of emerging buds and I even noticed some magnolia trees in flower. Spring is most definitely with us, and I am planting clematis and passion flowers in the garden as it is the best time to do so.

The next day I went to see a wonderful lady over at Kirkbymoorside. She had contacted me wondering if I wanted the ties left by her husband and so I went over and had a delicious lunch with her in a beautiful flat. I met her beautiful black cat, who allowed me to give it stroke.

On the way I took one of my dogs, the Labrador, Boo, on a great walk on a bridleway somewhere on the boundary of North Yorkshire and Ryedale. On the way back I stopped off in Pickering. Having parked the car, I ventured to the shops and was in the Greyhound Rescue charity shop when I met someone who I had known many years ago down south. They recognised me and we had a good natter.

I thought Friday was going to be quiet, but at about 1pm I was contacted and then rang a gentleman who I had met before, who was in a bit of a predicament. The Rotary Club of the Wolds Area had a dinner dance that night and his booked speaker had been taken ill so he wondered if I could help.

I was pleased that I could so dug out my finery as it was a posh do, and arrived at a hotel in Tickton and had a wonderful meal in great company before giving a talk and then I left them to the dancing and got home. The evening was in aid of Hearing Dogs for the Deaf which I was very pleased to support.

The highlight of my week had yet to come. All week the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu had been on a pilgrimage in the Wolds area. On Sunday he took a service in the church in Pocklington, when several people were to be confirmed. I can only say that the service was a delight, and was an experience I was thrilled to have had. Dr Sentamu is an inspiring man and made the church come alive and the packed congregation obviously felt the same.