YP Letters: Fracking decision in Ryedale sets a worrying precedent

From: Anne Nightingale, Station Road, Helmsley.

Anti-fracking campaigners converge outside County Hall, Northallerton.

AT the North Yorkshire County Council planning application meeting, there were many who eloquently and bravely of their concerns about fracking coming to Ryedale.

It was understood that this was a decision for an application for a test frack but its implication went far beyond a test, as it includes production for nine years and it has set a precedent for the area to be opened up to the gas industry.

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Councillors have ignored local opinion and have voted for an industry which will change our landscape forever.

From: Geoff Smith, Pasture Lane, Hovingham.

THE only beneficiaries of this industry’s exploitation of the area will be the companies themselves, encouraged by Westminster politicians like the Tory peer who thinks that fracking should only be done in the desolate North East as nobody lives there.

From: Alison Lawson, Pickering.

IT is shocking that the democratic processes of local government have been so eroded, to the extent that town councils and parish councils were completely ignored. We shall keep fighting until the spectre of gas wells is removed from our green and pleasant land.

From: Susannah Turton, Burgate, Pickering.

I AM writing to express my disappointment and great sadness at the decision to hydraulically frack in beautiful, tranquil North Yorkshire. I hope that those in Westminster who are responsible will reap fitting rewards from their unfair play.

From: Andrew Gadsby, Burgate, Pickering.

THE NYCC decision appeared pre-determined. Had the councillors listened to the people, they could not possibly have sanctioned the rape of such a beautiful part of Yorkshire.

From: Christine McDade, Morton on Swale.

I AM appalled at this decision and we will make those Conservative councillors pay at the next local election.

From: Graham Davies, Malton.

THE decision to frack at the existing Kirby Misperton site seems a very pragmatic step to take in order to establish whether the concerns over fracking are justified or not.