YP Letters: Humber is widely known to locals as a '˜river'

From: Mike Smethurst, Brecks, Rotherham.

Is the Humber a river or an estuary?

BEFORE your correspondent Michael Robinson (The Yorkshire Post, September 13) criticises others for their references to the “River” Humber, perhaps he should check his own facts first.

Three rivers he mentions do not, as stated, flow into the Humber. The Aire, Don and Derwent all flow into the River Ouse. It is the confluence of the Ouse and the Trent which forms the head-waters of the Estuary.

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Secondly, if he were to check a few maps, he would find the estuary referred to as “River Humber” on most of them.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

MICHAEL Robinson may well think he is right in saying there is no River Humber, but try telling that to the Humber River Pilots and the Humberside Police.

He’s from the West Riding – 
a ‘Wessie’ – so what does he know?

From: Henry Cobden, Ilkley.

I USED to live in the East Riding and the Humber was more often than not referred to by the ‘locals’, born and bred in Hull, as a river. Does it really matter? The priority is making sure this area is not marginalised by devolution.