Ex-pupil honoured at 94 helping primary youngsters learn to read

AS soon as she was 14 Rita Greendale had to leave school to earn her keep, although she would have dearly loved to have stayed on.

Eighty years later she's back at school – helping children learn to read at a Hull primary.

A remarkably energetic 94-year-old, Mrs Greendale is also a member of a Hull-based creative writing group and author of a colourful new memoir I Should Live So Long – Short Recollections of a Long Life.

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The story goes back to the late 1800s when her parental grandparents, who were Polish Jews, arrived at Hull Pier with just her father, still a small child, bedding and a pair of brass candlesticks she treasures to this day.

The book describes the many ups and downs of her life with good humour, not least her father gambling away the family home in Lee Street and being literally blown up in the Blitz on Hull in 1941.

Mrs Greendale has been invited to meet the Queen at a garden party at Buckingham Palace in July to honour her 14 years as a volunteer at Adelaide Primary.

Tutor Peter Didsbury and fellow writers Robin Saltonstall and Margaret Sugden have helped publish the book.

Copies of the book are available from Mr Didsbury on Hull 494711, for 4.95, plus p&p.

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