Farewell, Sir Alex

IN MODERN football, it is considered a triumph if a manager can hold his job 
for more than a season. For one to stay in post for nearly 27 years, then, is surely a feat that will never be repeated.

But then, the career of Sir Alex Ferguson is full of unrepeatable feats. A total of 49 trophies, including 13 Premier League titles with Manchester United, from whom he finally retired yesterday, is clear proof that he has been the greatest manager in British football at the very least.

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Of course, much of the credit for his record must 
go to the remarkable 
teams, of both players 
and coaches, that he has built around him – with 
one of his many proteges, Steve Bruce, going on to 
take Hull City into the Premier League only this week.

But, in the end, the 
credit for this remarkable run of success lies with 
one man alone, hard 
though it may be for many on this side of the Pennines to admit it.