Giant green could help chefs break record

Champion grower Peter Glazebrook has produced a monster cabbage that a team of top chefs is hoping can help them break a world record.

They are hoping to set a new world record by preparing a total of 105 dishes in one day from a single giant cabbage.

The attempt to make the most dishes from a single vegetable will take place at the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show on September 13.

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TV chef Stephanie Moon and Gilly Robinson, will be the first to slice up the giant green when 
they begin creating 30 different dishes in 45 minutes in the show’s Plot to Pot Cookery Theatre. The rest of the team will then produce 15 dishes each throughout the day with a world-beating target of 105 recipes, all including a portion of the super vegetable.

Show director Martin Fish said: “The giant vegetable competition has proved to be incredibly popular since we launched it in 2011. One of the big questions many people ask is what it would be like to cook with one of the monster exhibits, so we thought it would be fun for our visitors to find out.

“We already host the record weigh-in for the world’s heaviest onion and, when we researched previous attempts to cook with giant veg, we couldn’t find any records for the greatest number of dishes you can get from one specimen.”

The cabbage has been specially produced by Mr Glazebrook, from Newark, who will be competing again this year to see if he can break the heavy onion record for the third year running.

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There are also six new classes for giant veg at the show, staged at the Great Yorkshire Showground, in Harrogate, from September 13-15. Pumpkins, leeks, carrots, beetroot and parsnips have all joined the line-up.

Held just a few miles from Yorkshire’s famous growing triangle, the show also has a new challenge to find the heaviest stick of rhubarb.