Harrogate man's mission from UK to Mongolia in a classic Mini for charity

A young driving fanatic from Harrogate is setting out on a charity challenge to drive a classic Mini from the UK to Mongolia and back.

James Hornig with the classic Mini he'll be taking all the way to Mongolia and back...
James Hornig with the classic Mini he'll be taking all the way to Mongolia and back...

James Hornig, 24, from Harrogate is taking part in the annual Mongal Rally Mini Adventure in July 2018, where competitors have to make their way from the UK to Mongolia in a one litre vehicle with no backup.

Organised by the same people as the Rickshaw Run, the Mongal Rally is a fundraising enterprise that requires competitors to raise £1,000 for charity.

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James, and his London-based driving partner Jade Rowing will be raising their money for the rally’s partner charity, Cool Earth as well as their own choices, the British Heart Foundation and Animal Aid UK.

James said: “I’ve always been into travelling but I’ve never really been outside of Europe. I’d seen it on YouTube and thought I’d love to do that.

“The British Heart Foundation is something that is quite close to my heart. I work for the ambulance service and quite a few years ago they donated a huge contribution to defibrillators which have made such a noticeable difference.”

Mongal rally drivers have just two months to complete the challenge but James and Jade say they hope to have it completed the course in just a month and a half.

James said: “It’s more about just trying to make it to the finish line in one piece. Once you set off from the UK you’re on your own, there’s no back up or anything like that.”

With a passion for cars, James has the advantage of being handy under the hood and despite the course route taking him through some of the world’s most troubled regions, James said he’s not really nervous at all!

He said: “I haven’t had any official training with cars it’s all just self taught and a bit of a hobby. I’m not nervous really, I think a lot of the countries we are going through are made out to be a lot worse than they are in reality.