Has this man grown Yorkshire's greatest beard?

He gets approached by strangers for random high fives, bought drinks for while on nights out and has made numerous TV appearances in various forms.

Does Michael Legge have Yorkshire's best beard?
Does Michael Legge have Yorkshire's best beard?

And all of these things have come to fruition for 32-year-old Michael Legge because of one thing.

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His monumental beard, which at last measure, hung at a lengthy 2ft 2in.

Does Michael Legge have Yorkshire's best beard?

His flowing ginger facial fur has lead Michael, who works at BOC Gases in his hometown of Rotherham, to some pretty extraordinary places.

He won the first competition he attended in Scarborough to become Yorkshire Beard Champion. This lead him to the British Beard and Mustache Championship, where he also claimed first prize and the title of British Beard Champion, before heading to the big league.

At the age of 28, Michael travelled to Austria where he finished seventh in the World Championships, up against people who had been growing their facial fuzz for 30 years or more, this was some achievement.

And for Michael, who has been growing his whiskers for around eight years, the hard work and dedication it takes to maintain such fine facial furniture was finally rewarded.

Does Michael Legge have Yorkshire's best beard?

He told the Yorkshire Post: "I had hopes of finishing in the top 10 and made it, I ended up placing seventh in the world."

"I first decided to grow a big beard on New Years eve in 2010.

"I already had a beard about a month old and this was the usual for me around then, just to keep a maintained beard.

"Me and a group of friends were discussing trying something different than your usual resolutions and decided to grow big beards.

"We were all up for the challenge but as the months went by some people couldn't cope with the facial fuzz and trimmed or shaved.

"After around nine months the last person trimmed his beard, at this time I had realised that i could grow quite a big beard and nearly eight years on the rest is history."

For Michael, the attention is is welcomed, whether that be out on the streets, on the dancefloor or over social media.

Michael said: "I'm not going to lie, I love the attention my beard gets me!

"Strangers in the street comment and high five me, I've even had drinks bought for me because I have an 'epic beard'.

"I get people who know my name saying they have seen me on social media or in newspapers and on TV.

"I often get stopped for photos several times a night when I'm out drinking.

"Most of the people who stop me and ask questions are men asking about how I grow it. I get numerous questions through social media asking how they can grow a big beard and if I have a secret.

"I can tell you their are no secrets, just good maintenance."

And Michael takes the maintenance of his epic beard very seriously indeed.

"It can take me quite some time before a night out to get ready," Michael said.

"My routine usually consists of shampooing and conditioning my beard, towel drying, then when my beard is damp I apply oils and then use a hairdryer before a rigorous five to ten minute brushing session.

"Depending on what the night has in store and the weather, i usually either use a bobble to keep in all together or braid it."

But after almost eight years - the end is nigh for Michael and his humongous beard.

Now is the time that the two must separate, and Michael is hoping to get a well-known name along to do the honours for a worthy cause.

He added: "After dedicating nearly eight years to growing a single beard I have decided that sometime next year I am going to shave it off for charity.

"I would love to think I could raise a substantial amount for charity, especially having Britain's longest beard according to Google.

"Maybe a celebrity will come and shave it off, that would be cool."