Hospital finds solution over fluids situation

A SIMPLE new system to ensure patients at risk of dehydration drink enough fluids has been introduced at Barnsley Hospital.

Following a successful pilot scheme, the red jug and beaker project will now be rolled out across all wards at the hospital.

Bright red jugs and beakers are provided to patients who, after monitoring, are found not to be taking in enough fluids. The red crockery then provides a "visual prompt" to staff and relatives to encourage the patients to drink and to make sure that the jug and beaker are within reach.

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Karen Sharp, who is leading the project at the hospital, said: "We have to make sure that the patients take enough fluids while they are in our care.

"Drinking enough water helps to minimise the risk of confusion due to dehydration, and optimises the effects of medications.

"We are pleased to have followed the lead of Milton Keynes Hospital and brought this innovative, but simple solution to Barnsley."

Inspiration for the scheme came following the introduction of the red tray pathway, where patients who may have problems eating have their meals provided on red trays.

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