Huge Sheffield demo planned against Donald Trump UK visit as protest group set up

A protest group has been set up in Sheffield to demonstrate against Donald Trump's visit to the UK next month.

Donald Trump will visit the UK in July.
Donald Trump will visit the UK in July.

Sheffield Together Against Trump has been put together by campaigners, trade unionists and political groups to demonstrate against the visit to Britain by the US president in July.

A public meeting - No To Trump - will be held this weekend to organise Sheffield protests against the visit from July 12-14.

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Maxine Bowler of Sheffield Stand Up to Racism and Sheffield Trades Union Council has helped to organise the group.

She said: “We are trying to bring together everyone who is angry about Trump’s politics of division, bigotry and fear.

“Worryingly, we’ve seen the far right protesting in growing numbers in this country recently, emboldened by Trump’s election and his disgusting racist agenda. That now includes separating the children of undocumented migrants from their parents and putting them into cages.

“But there are far more issues that people are angry about, including Trump’s warmongering, sexism, bigotry against LGBT people, climate change denial, support for fracking, pushing an austerity agenda that makes the poor pay... the list goes on.

“If you are affected by any of these issues, we’re calling on you to join us and stand together to make it clear that Sheffield rejects Trump’s politics of racism, war and hate.”

The coalition of organisations is sponsored by Sheffield Trades Union Council and is supported by Sheffield branches of campaigns Stand Up to Racism, Stop the War Coalition, People’s Assembly, Disabled People Against Cuts, CAGE, Unite Against Fascism, MEND, political groups Momentum Sheffield, Hallam and Heeley Constituency Labour Party branches, Green Party Sheffield, and trade union branches South Yorkshire NUJ, Unite Sheffield Not For Profit and Sheffield National Education Union.

The meeting has been called to help build for a Sheffield demonstration as well as transport down to a London protest, and to reach out to other groups and individuals who want to join in.

The Sheffield Demo Against Trump takes place on Friday, July 13 at 5pm at Barker's Pool, Sheffield.

A coach to the London protest leaves Sheffield on the morning of the same day.

A group of supporters are already making giant Trump effigies for the Sheffield protest.

The public meeting, No to Trump, takes place on Saturday from 11am to 1pm at St Mary’s Community Centre, Bramall Lane.

To get in touch with Sheffield Together Against Trump, you can join the Sheffield Together Against Trump Facebook group or email [email protected]