Humberside Airport reopens after suspicious package found

Humberside AirportHumberside Airport
Humberside Airport
Humberside Airport has reopened after a suspicious package alert this morning caused its evacuation and the diversion of all flights.

Police said the alert was a “false alarm with good intent”.

Earlier, roads around the airport, which is between Scunthorpe and Grimsby, were closed following the discovery of a package in a vehicle parked in a car park.

A spokesman said: “Police were called and flights have been diverted as a precaution. The dogs team has also been drafted to the scene.”

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People were being allowed back into the terminal from about 2pm today but delays to arrivals and departures continued into the afternoon.

A Humberside police spokesman said: “Staff and passengers have been allowed to return to the terminal at Humberside Airport. Investigations have ascertained that reports of a suspicious device found in a car parked at the airport have proved to be a false alarm.”