Leeds bar hosts free event celebrating art, dance music and nightlife

A UNIQUE  celebration of music and nightlife is set to take place Doghouse bar in Leeds city centre this weekend.

Sarah Thornton with her Disco Ball painting

Artist Sarah Thornton will be exhibiting a collection of paintings and prints at the free night called STITCH: presented by DJ Sy Legg on Saturday (March 30).

Sarah Thornton's exhibition called “Boogie Nights” (The Disco Ball Collection) will then be on display at The Doghouse on Kirkgate until April 6.

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STITCH: is a night dedicated to all kinds of underground dance music and blends blending a mix of soul, funk, disco, jazz, Latin, house, hip hop and beats.

DJ Sy Legg

Sarah Thornton was a member art collective “the Leeds 13” who mark their 20th anniversary this year.

They rose to fame after tricking the world’s media into believing they had headed off to party in Malaga claiming it was “art”.

The stunt was revealed to be an elaborate hoax live on Radio 4 and was a genuine art project playing with and provoking the questions “what is art”.

DJ and STITCH: promoter Sy Legg said: “I wanted to set myself apart from the usual club nights by combining, art, food and dance music. I’d seen Sarah’s work online and when the chance came up to collaborate I jumped at it.

“The disco ball is such an iconic, powerful and joyous symbol to anyone who has spent a night dancing underneath one.

"I want the music and art experienced on the night to move people emotionally and hopefully the beats will get them moving physically too.”

Sarah Thornton said: “I’ve loved the glinting, jewel lights that bounce around the dance floor for as long as I can remember, spending many nights and days dancing underneath them.

“The rush of collective joy that music gives, the atmosphere, created when people get together, DJ’s conducting the mood, those people that become your night family brought together by the shared need to release.

"The feelings and emotions this enables are the things drive me to keep on and inspire my Disco Ball work. So, the chance to have an exhibition linked so closely to a musical journey was too good to pass up.”

STITCH: is a free night at Doghouse, 83 Kirkgate, Leeds from 7pm to 12pm on Saturday March 30.

Sarah Thornton's exhibition will be displayed until April 6.