Letter: Our tax money should benefit Yorkshire

I believe The Scarborough News should be a vehicle for the opinion of the people of Yorkshire who are fed up of being served as second class citizens of Great Britain.

The amount of taxpayers money spent per head in London against northern counties is unacceptable.

The amount of taxpayers’ money (and we are all taxpayers in one way or the other) that is spent within London £15 per head as compared to the north counties £5 per head is no longer acceptable.

The billions spent on the likes of Crossrail, HS2, Tate Gallery, airports and numerous other projects planned for London as opposed to the cancellations of the rail services, road building is atrocious, the latest government cancellations of the tram system in Leeds, the cancelled flood defences which resulted in the pains of last year.

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I agree with the Devolution of Yorkshire, the setting up of federal, self governing states, to facilitate fairness and confidence in knowing that Yorkshire is being governed by Yorkshire people, the money that we pay in taxes is spent in Yorkshire for the welfare and benefit of all the people of our great counties of Yorkshire.

Geff and Helen Brook

Scalby Avenue , Scarborough