Local boys suspected after former singer discovers window shattered

A former member of 80s pop group Bucks Fizz has spoken of her shock at discovering one of the windows of her home appeared to have been shot.

Jay Aston said her husband had returned home with their eight-year-old daughter to find the window at their home in Tatsfield, Surrey, shattered.

The incident, which happened on Tuesday, has been reported to Surrey Police who were yesterday investigating, but said no pellet or object had been found.

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Aston said she was out when her husband returned home with their daughter. She said: “The window had been shot, it was completely shattered.

“It’s exactly where my dog sits actually...so maybe they were aiming at the dog.

“But behind it is more glass and it could easily have shot someone in the hallway.”

She said she did not know what had caused the window to shatter.

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“It’s just the last thing you expect in Tatsfield,” she said.

“There is evidence of boys with firearms. I don’t know what they are, but a lot of the signs get shot around here, a lot of the bridleway signs and dog signs.”

She said she had some suspicions she may have been targeted: “I do somehow seem to attract some of this bad, yobby behaviour round here.

“I don’t know who has done this, but I have a suspicion because I know there’s a little crowd round here, there’s a little team of boys who seem to get into a lot of trouble and I suspect it’s them, but I can’t say.”

She said they often heard shooting from a nearby hill where pheasant shoots are held, but added: “This is just something else.”

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