Man jailed over child sex abuse images

A man from Bradford has been jailed for nine months after he was convicted of having more than 1,500 indecent images on his computer including some showing “horrific abuse of children”.

Paul Bell, 57, a former soldier, was found guilty by a jury on 21 charges of making indecent images or movies which were found after the computer was seized in September 2011.

Sentencing him yesterday at Leeds Crown Court, Judge Tom Bayliss QC said Bell “continues to maintain that the images had got there other than by your doing”.

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“You blamed the computer, you cast blame on others who might have had access to the computer such as neighbours, children and their friends. The reality, as the jury found, was that these images got on that computer because of you.”

Of the 1,587 images and movies found 1,406 were at level one, the lowest in a grading up to five, 47 were at level two, 51 at level three and 81 at level four. The judge said there was also a movie at level five which lasted just over two minutes “and depicts the sadistic treatment of a child”.

He said some of this at level four showed further young children being sexually abused in ways that amounted to rape.

“Those like you who access this material encourage that sexual abuse of children, that is why the courts must deter this behaviour.”

The judge said he was satisfied that the material was for Bell’s personal use.

Bell of Ferriby Gardens, East Bowling, Bradford, was ordered to register as a sex offender for 10 years and, under a Sexual Offences Prevention Order, in the future must only use telephone or computer capable of displaying internet browsing history on request.