Mayor of Mirfield apologises to 'those he has let down' after being charged with drink-driving

Paul BlakeleyPaul Blakeley
Paul Blakeley
The Mayor of Mirfield has been suspended by the Conservative Party after being charged with drink-driving.

Coun Paul Blakeley was arrested on Friday night in Dalton and charged with driving while over the prescribed limit.

He is due to appear before Kirklees Magistrates on March 2. He has been suspended by the Conservative Party pending an investigation.

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In a statement Coun Blakeley said he accepted "full responsibility" for the charges he was facing, and was "seeking help for the issues surrounding this."

He said: "I do not expect any sympathy nor any understanding, as I am aware I have let a lot of people down, and can do nothing but apologise for this.

"I am already seeking help for the issues surrounding this and hope with time I will become a better and stronger person.

"I hold my hands up and will gracefully take any consequences for my actions.

"I once again apologise to those I have let down, but I ask for some privacy whilst these matters are dealt with."