MPs voice fears over medical database leaks

YORKSHIRE MPs fear it is “inevitable” that people’s private medical records will eventually be leaked once a new Government database is launched next month.

Leeds East MP George Mudie said a breach of NHS England’s new database of medical histories would be “disastrous” and called for the scheme to be delayed.

Mr Mudie, a Labour backbencher, said there has been no consultation on the decision to store medical histories centrally, agreed in 2012, and that people have not had a real opportunity to opt out.

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“There will eventually be a breach of security,” he told MPs. “It is inevitable, given the size of the database and the information stored in it. Careers could be ended, jobs lost, insurance refused and relationships destroyed.”

He was backed by David Davis, the MP for Haltemprice and Howden and the Conservatives’ former shadow home secretary.

“The fear is not only of professional hacking, but of amateur hacking,” he said.

But Health Minister Dan Poulter insisted sharing information centrally will allow for a more “joined-up” approach to NHS care.

“I believe we have the right safeguards in place,” he said.