Murderer’s chilling police interview

RECORDINGS of police interviews with Michael Adebolajo in the days after Lee Rigby’s murder show he believed himself to be a soldier at war with the British people.

After being treated at King’s College Hospital in London, the interview was Adebolajo’s first opportunity to explain what he had done to Fusilier Rigby and why he had done it.

The Muslim convert launched into a religiously-inspired rant against western leaders and a gave shockingly candid account of how the soldier had been killed.

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Adebolajo told officers there was a “war between the Muslims and the British people” and he was a “soldier of Allah”. In one of the most chilling moments in the interviews, Adebolajo calmly explained the Fusilier was killed because he was “the soldier that was spotted first”. The now convicted murderer told officers the leaders of Britain were “wicked, corrupt, selfish and oppressive” and he was “particularly disgusted” by David Cameron.