New Doncaster market seafood restaurant opens for first time

A new Doncaster town centre seafood and champagne restaurant has opened its doors for the first time today.

Michael Price is in charge of Clam and Cork.
Michael Price is in charge of Clam and Cork.

Clam and Cork, which is based in the fish market, has enjoyed a 'soft' opening ahead of a full unveiling later this month.

Owner Michael Price announced the event on Facebook and said: "We are having a 'soft' opening today - limited menu cooked from great fresh ingredients.

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"The journey begins. Hope to see you soon!"

The Doncaster chef and businessman has taken over the running of the stall in the fish market after the original closed days after opening when its owner was found guilty of sex offences.

The bar originally opened in a blaze of publicity in February - but stayed open for only a week after previous owner Luke Cannon was found guilty of sex offences involving children, forcing the stall's rapid closure.

Michael, 41, has been a chef for 15 years and runs an 'incredibly busy' and successful supper club restaurant from his home in Town Moor with demand for his dishes so popular that places at the table are limited and can be booked up months in advance.

He said Clam and Cork will be totally different to previous incarnation Cannons and that he has taken on a new team of chefs to run the business which will be open Tuesday to Saturday.

Michael will be working in conjunction with Michael Berry, retailer of shellfish and long time market trader who will be supplying seafood to the new stall - and he also hopes to bring in guest chefs from time to time too.