Nightclub Nostalgia: Top 6 ex-Harrogate nightclubs

Gone but not forgotten, Harrogate once had a whole host of nightclubs. Most closed down in the Nineties and Noughties. Here are a few names which may jog readers' memories.

Carringtons nightclub was a popular spot on Station Parade in Harrogate in the 1980s and 90s.


Club: The Old Bourbon.

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Location: King's Road, Harrogate.

Era: Early 1990s.

What was it like: Unusally laidback & friendly with nice bouncers and live music, Jools Holland played here solo once and enjoyed it. Depending on your tastes, a contender for Harrogate's best-ever nightclub.

Later became Jimmys which ran for around 15 years from mid-1990s to late Noughties and was the town's busiest club for most of its life, partly because it had an amazing number of different floors and nooks and crannies. In its dying days it briefly became Mansion.


Club: Intercon.

Location: Basement of Copthall Towers (now called The Exchange), Station Parade, Harrogate.

Era: 1970 to 1980s.

What was it like: Better known as Annabella's, this club at the bottom of Harrogate's tallest office block boasted flashing lights and fibre glass to create a cave-like feeling.


Club: Carringtons.

Location: bottom of Station Parade

Era: 1980s to late Noughties.

What was it like: Mostly a bit mums and dads, pre-Rave era in atmosphere. But, before the arrival of Jimmys, it was Harrogate's most popular nightclub.


Club: Ministry of Sound's Minibar.

Location: Parliament Street, Harrogate.

Era: Mid-Noughties.

What was it like: Doomed attempt to bring the glamorous 'super club' concept to Harrogate, the famous brand, flash interiors and different rooms of music, seating and drinks failed to attract enough punters at this short-lived nightclub.


Club: Josephines.

Location: Bottom of Commercial Street, Harrogate.

Era: Late 1980s/early 1990s.

What was it like: A little cheesy but genuinely glitzy. We think hardman footballer/actor Vinnie Jones was there as a special guest on its launch night - but our memories are a bit fuzzy!


Club: Zero/various names.

Location: Station Parade, Harrogate.

Era: Early 1990s-late Noughties.

What was it like: Shortlived. Behind the now closed heavy silver doors lies a biggest space with low ceilings, no focal point. It's had a large variety of names and music policies over the years but it's never had much atmosphere.