Stuart Grantham, magistrate and Freemason

Stuart Grantham, who has died at 70, was a well-known Doncaster magistrate who was also heavily involved with the Freemasons and Doncaster’s Danum Round Table.

Stuart Grantham

He was deputy provincial grand master, Yorkshire West Riding, for the Masons and had been instrumental in opening up its secretive society by staging a series of open days at Doncaster’s Masonic Hall.

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“This idea of secrecy is now getting to be a bit frustrating and that is the main reason why we opened up the masonic hall,” he said. “We’re thinking we may do it every year.”

A retired wholesale fish merchant, he became involved with the organisation in the 1980s.

He and his wife, Ann, had four children and an extended family of grandchildren.