Britain’s ever-growing population is the elephant in the room on tackling climate change: Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Tim Burrows, Rosedale.
Are there too many people living in the UK?Are there too many people living in the UK?
Are there too many people living in the UK?

Terry Morrell’s “Overcrowding is a big issue” letter (The Yorkshire Post, November 2) struck a chord with me.

We travel a couple of times a year by coach to various parts of Europe and have noted even after as little as a week away, how much busier and noisy Britain is on our return.

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We can't ignore the science over climate change as Yorkshire flood risk grows: YP LettersIf you compare Britain to France for example, then they have around two million more citizens than we do but the country is over twice the size of ours. Therefore, our country’s population would need to decline by at least 33 million for Britain to be on par with France.

Protesters should be concerned about human population growth: YP LettersLooking at it another way, all our major cities would need to disappear. This obviously has a very big impact on the environment and is almost ignored by both our politicians and environmentalists alike, who choose instead to focus on the symptoms of our numbers, such as cars, aeroplanes etc, rather than the real issue which is the ever-growing population.

Unless the ‘hot potato’ that is population numbers is somehow addressed, then the environmental targets which are being banded around currently will not be achieved and on a global prospective will possible lead to our ultimate demise.