Celebrating a 'Truth Day' would allow us all the relief of honesty - GP Taylor

10 Downing Street. Photo by HOLLIE ADAMS/AFP via Getty Images.10 Downing Street. Photo by HOLLIE ADAMS/AFP via Getty Images.
10 Downing Street. Photo by HOLLIE ADAMS/AFP via Getty Images.
THERE was a Christmas party somewhere in Downing Street on December 18, 2020. Whilst families throughout the land were unable to be together and loved ones died lonely deaths through Covid, officials had a knees-up and Secret Santa.

Perhaps in itself, the party may be just down to human nature and the terrible stress the pandemic has put on us all. Perhaps, they, like everyone craved some normality. I know of several people who last year broke covid rules in an attempt to have a normal life and politicians are no different.

The problem here is that when found out, instead of being honest and forthright, we have been told there was no party and it was just a gathering. Finally, there is now strong evidence to say some sort of Christmas bash took place.

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Frankly, I am not too bothered that a party happened. Human nature is such that we all bend the rules to suit our circumstances. It is how we are. If people think they can get away with something they often will.

However, lying and being economic with the truth at a time of national crisis cannot be tolerated coming from those in high office, especially when millions of people were doing their bit and suffering to stop the spread of Covid.

Does the Government now want us to wear blindfolds as well as face masks so we can’t see what they are up to?

Lying to the public is the greatest sin that any politician can do. It undermines democracy and promotes conspiracy theories. Greater than that, lying shows a dark side to human nature and destroys any trust the public might have in those who seek to rule.

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Yet, as more and more woke restrictions are put on what we say and even what we think, lying may become the go-to thing in the future.

If we can no longer say in public what we believe in our hearts, then lying is the only option to save us from being cancelled and our lives destroyed.

It is as if there is no such thing as truth anymore. We are told that everyone has their own truth that may differ from someone else.

Pontius Pilate even asked Jesus ‘What is truth?’

For me, the truth is very simple. It is born out of honesty and is a recounting of the facts without distortion or spin.

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The problem is that in many areas of life, people are becoming more and more frightened about telling the truth and being honest about what they think and believe.

George Orwell warned that this time would come. He said ‘freedom is the freedom to say two plus two equals four’.

In the age of woke intolerance that we are now in, to speak out that truth is no longer possible, two plus two now does not equal four.

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I feel there no longer is anyone who is willing to stand up for the truth and the freedom of speech that goes with it.

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If Boris Johnson had admitted that there had been a party straight away, this scandal would have gone away and newspaper headlines would be tomorrow’s chip wrapping.

Instead, he will be dogged with this for many days and pressure will mount for him to resign.

I wish to suggest, that this year we mark December 18, the anniversary of that party, as ‘National Tell the Truth Day’. It should be a day when all politicians have to tell it as it is and put right all the lies, half-truths and factual economy we have been given over the last couple of years.

How refreshing it would be that on just one day of the year we could really rely on what we were being told and not suspect we were being served yet more fake news, falsehoods and platitudes.

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It could also be a day when no one was allowed to be cancelled or trolled on social media.

Imagine, a no woke day where JK Rowling could say what she thought without fear of bookshops banning her books and people accusing her of being a radical feminist.

Writers would be allowed to describe characters without being censored and comedians could be funny once again without fear of someone taking offence.

Truth Day would allow us all the relief of honesty. It is impossible for politicians to tell the truth all the time, but one day like that a year would see us right…

GP Taylor is a writer and broadcaster who lives in East Yorkshire. His latest book Watermark is out now.