Common sense needed to solve Scarborough seagull attacks: The Yorkshire Post says

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As a coastal town, seagulls are very much a fact of life in Scarborough – but there are hopes that the number of bird attacks they carry out on humans can be reduced.

Labour councillor Tony Randerson put it fairly bluntly when he described people who feed gulls in the town as “stupid” but he has something of a point when he says that such activity attracts more and more gulls to the area who see humans as a source of food, thereby bringing about more attacks in a vicious circle which makes visiting the seaside at Scarborough a less-pleasurable experience than it should be.

Seagulls in Scarborough

Seagulls in Scarborough

People who feed seagulls branded ‘stupid’ as Scarborough looks to tackle bird attacks on humans

His Green Party counterpart Neil Robinson went further by suggesting potential fines for people who feed gulls.

While such a step may be both difficult to enforce and a little too draconian, measures such as printing warnings on chip shop boxes to avoid feeding seagulls may help tourists and residents who engage in the practice to apply some common sense in future.