Eurovision has lost its fun and glamour and become a woke, political sideshow - GP Taylor

I am not ashamed to say that I was one of the thousands of people not intimidated by Hamas supporters who voted for Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest. In fact, so many people in Britain voted for Eden Golan that she was top of the British votes, a snub to the loony, keffiyeh wearing lefties who boycotted Eurovision and wanted her to come last.

For me, that was the highlight of the evening. Ireland’s nonbinary, satanist entry and Britain’s gay shower romp did little to impress.

It is sad that a country that has produced the best pop music the world has ever known, relies on the BBC to find the most woke act it can to make us a laughing stock yet again.

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Olly Alexander was so bad, he got nil points from the viewing public. Not one single European voted for him, such was his popularity and talent. I will be surprised if he ever dares show his face in a Harrogate pub again.

Olly Alexander rehearsing Dizzy at the Malmo Arena in Sweden. PIC: Corinne Cumming/EBU/PA WireOlly Alexander rehearsing Dizzy at the Malmo Arena in Sweden. PIC: Corinne Cumming/EBU/PA Wire
Olly Alexander rehearsing Dizzy at the Malmo Arena in Sweden. PIC: Corinne Cumming/EBU/PA Wire

It seems that Eurovision has become a shock contest and not a song contest. The narrative for the evening was very clear. It was a celebration of the alphabet soup of sexuality and you only stand a chance of winning if you are a man in a dress or a non-binary devil worshipper.

At least Nemo could sing and his dancing ditty on a spinning plate was quite entertaining. His song, The Code is about gender discovery and breaking out of the norms of society.

Nemo’s lyrics sing about learning who you are and coming out. He writes that he went to ‘hell and back’ on this journey of self-discovery and has now ‘found paradise’.

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If we are going to be brainwashed by the whole LGBTPQRSTUVW etc, at least this song was well written, entertaining and the chap could sing. Yet, it does make me think if being a part of the Big Five, (the countries who stump up the money for Eurovision), is really worth it.

The cost to the BBC and ultimately you and me is staggering. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money are spent on this one night.

There is also the cost of the presenters and crew flown out days before to cover the event that you and I pay for with our licence fee.

Gone are the days when Britain had any chance of winning.

The last two of our entrants had trouble with the fact they were singing for Britain. Mae Muller, our candidate in 2023 said she hated Britain, whilst this year, Olly branded the Union Jack flag "divisive" and "nationalistic".

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Does he not know what a flag is for? Of course, it is nationalistic, and it is only divisive if you do not have any loyalty to it. The Union Jack is stained with the blood of millions of people who died to set slaves free and vanquish the enemies of freedom that would have gay people put up against a wall and shot.

Despairingly, Eurovision has become more about Pride, politics, virtue signalling and left-wing anti nationalism.

Why do they have to do this? Can’t they just get up on stage and sing without pushing politics down our throat? Have they no idea what Hamas would do to them if they dressed up like that in Gaza?

The pressure group Queers for Palestine called for a boycott of Eurovision, urging entrants not to take part.

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The open letter from them claims that Israel’s inclusion in Eurovision "would enable and cover up its war crimes and crimes against humanity.” They are like turkey’s voting for Christmas.

The irony is that hundreds of gay and transgender Palestinians seek refuge every year in Israel to avoid being executed.

Gone are the days of the innocent Puppet on a String, Waterloo and Boom Bang a Bang.

A singer like the brilliant Sam Ryder will never get selected again as the BBC pursues the most outrageous acts in the belief this is what the country wants.

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The broadcaster condemns our entrants to lag at the bottom of the league table with no one voting for us as they sing yet more politically correct tripe. Even the Irish don’t vote for us anymore. This year we got not one vote from them, their top points went to Croatia and Israel.

Surely, now is the time to end being involved in this madness.

Eurovision is no longer a song contest. It has lost its fun and glamour and become a woke, political sideshow where country after country virtue signals to the world.

To me, a strutting, half-naked, middle aged, Finlander in a thong isn’t family entertainment and isn’t what I want to see on the BBC.

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Britain has a plethora of real musical talent. Bands like The Darkness would put us firmly on the leaderboard.

Until then, I believe it is time to give Eurovision a rest.

Britain will not be missed and many in Europe will give a sigh of relief that we have gone.

GP Taylor is a writer and broadcaster who lives in Yorkshire.

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