Farmers must show strength over loneliness – The Yorkshire Post says

THE extent to which farmers are under-valued is illustrated by new research indicating the levels of loneliness and social isolation amongst those who work in agriculture.

A new report reveals the extent of loneliness in farming.

These are proud individuals – it is a character trait of all those who work in farming – who are, conversely, too proud to seek help when the daily struggles, both physical and mental, do take their toll.

Yet, while farmers continue to find themselves on the wrong side of the digital divide and criticism from eco-activists who do not understand their work, the solutions are two-fold.

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Greater public awareness about what it takes to be a farmer trying to eke a living out of the land in challenging political and economic circumstances, but also a wider acceptance amongst the agricultural community that it is not a sign of weakness to seek the counsel of experts. Quite the opposite. It should be viewed as a strength as awareness about loneliness, the hidden epidemic, thnkfully continues to grow.

Loneliess is taking its toll on farmers.

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