Government inert as cost of living crisis deepens - The Yorkshire Post says

Families are struggling with the punishing cost of living crisis, but to look at the Government, you would not know it.

A new report by MPs on the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee recommends that the Government should immediately update its package of support to help households with soaring energy bills before the cost-of-living crisis grips even harder following October’s energy price cap increase.

It comes as people are feeling the squeeze of 40-year high inflation of 9.4 per cent - to which the cost of energy is a big contributor – as wage increases struggle to keep up.

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MPs on the committee have asked ministers to consider abandoning the energy price cap in favour of a discounted social tariff for the most vulnerable.

Boris Johnson.

Whether or not state intervention is the answer to this worsening problem, we should certainly be hearing much more from Kwasi Kwarteng MP, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

He is another minister who appears to be missing in action as the unacceptable inertia at Downing Street continues to have a devastating impact on ordinary people across the country.

Whilst the Prime Minister remains in office, but not in power, and is contented to play dress up as a soldier for British Army training exercises amid families suffering rising costs, this will only continue.

The country cannot wait until September for creditable action to be taken and for the London Government to take seriously the problems the whole nation faces.

Leadership hopefuls Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss will be delivering their pitches to become Prime Minister at a hustings in Leeds on Thursday.

They must be willing to offer a sense of hope –and a viable strategy – to the people who are desperately trying to make ends meet.