Hard yards if imperial measures return after Brexit – The Yorkshire Post says

THERE will be curiosity this weekend after David Frost, the Brexit Minister, announced plans to review the ban on marking and selling products in imperial units now that the UK is free from the European Union.

.A weights and measures inspector makes notes at Pocklington's market in 1973.
.A weights and measures inspector makes notes at Pocklington's market in 1973.

Fifty years after decimalisation, and nearly half a century since Britain entered the then EEC, road signs are still in miles (as opposed from kilometres); beer is measured in pints, as distinct from litres; flat-screen televisions are manufactured by the inch and proud parents continue to chart the weight of new-born children in pounds and ounces.

These are just four examples. There are many more. Yet, before the Minister rewrites the rules, he needs to consider those younger generations born in the metric era, and European in outlook, who wonder why the Government appears to want to go back in time to appease ‘metric martyrs’ who protested at fruit and veg markets 20 years ago.

Now, Lord Frost, for the hard yards – or is it metres?

Road signs are still given in miles - as opposed to kilometres.

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Lord David Frost is Boris Johnson's Brexit Minister.