How Boris Johnson is creating a two-tier society of have and have nots, says Catherine Scott

The country celebrated so-called Freedom Day on Monday. Well some people did, especially those in nightclubs who were queuing to get in as the clock struck midnight.

People dancing in Bar Fibre in Leeds, after the final legal coronavirus restrictions were lifted in England at midnight. Picture date: Monday July 19, 2021. PA Photo. See PA story HEALTH Coronavirus. Photo credit should read: Ioannis Alexopoulos/PA Wire

I feel very apprehensive about those pictures of people packed into a sweaty club like sardines, just a matter of weeks after we could only meet one other person outside.

And what makes those pictures worse to me is that the virus has not gone away, in fact it is increasing alarmingly every day,

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Even on Freedom Day the UK had the dubious accolade of having the most daily Covid cases in the world. It also coincided with the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer isolating after being pinged by the NHS test and trace app. That is after an embarrassing U-turn following an announcement that they would not have to as they were part of a pilot project – a project that no-one had heard about until then. It is indicative of the way this pandemic is being handled at the moment – there is a lack of clarity.

I do understand that eventually it does have to come down to a matter of personal responsibilty when it comes to mask wearing and social distancing, but when the figures are so frightening and our young people not fully vaccinated I feel very fearful.

We did try to get my 18-year-old daughter’s second jab last week, as the doctor had advised us to go back to the walk in clinic three to four weeks after her first jab.

But when we turned up she was made to feel like she had done something wrong by just following what the doctor had advised her to do.

We were far from alone as people were rudely turned away. One middle-aged man from the BAME community was refused a jab because he was three days off the eight-week gap this government is insisting upon.

He was doing the right thing protecting himself, his family and the wider community but he was made to feel like he was asking for something he wasn’t entitled to.

We asked to speak to a doctor who explained that while clinically there was no reason why our daughter couldn’t have the vaccine, they had been instructed not to give it to anyone with less than an eight-week gap, even if there was surplus vaccine at the end of the clinic, they were told to throw it away or they’d be in big trouble.

As Boris Johnson opens up the country, and other countries, to the double vaccinated he is making a two-tier society of haves and have not. My daughter wanted her second jab not just so that she could go on holiday but so that she could be protected and protect others as the young will be the ones accused of spreading it when all this works out badly.