How rural communities could lead on the net zero agenda - The Yorkshire Post says

Climate change is widely acknowledged as the biggest threat to the future of the planet.

There has been a lot of noise when it comes to action but if there ever was an example of how long there is to go when it comes to tackling the problem then it is the recent study showing that residents of the Yorkshire Dales National Park produce significantly higher greenhouse gas emissions than the UK average

It also shows how little consideration is being given to our rural communities when it comes to tackling climate change.

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These are the areas that feel the brunt of climate change with farmers having to put up with increasingly hostile conditions.

Yorkshire Dales National Park.  PIC: Tony JohnsonYorkshire Dales National Park.  PIC: Tony Johnson
Yorkshire Dales National Park. PIC: Tony Johnson

There is a real desire within rural communities to make progress towards net zero but without the tools necessary they can’t make those strides forward. A lot of people living in these areas are off the gas grid.

Supporting places like Yorkshire Dales National Park would not only help cut carbon emissions but also put rural communities at the forefront of tackling climate change.

The study found that with the introduction of carbon-cutting actions the national park could be among the country’s first areas to achieve net zero emissions, in as little as 11 years’ time. It could then even become a growing carbon sink to offset emissions in other parts of the country.

A compelling a reason to put rural communities at the heart of net zero if there ever was one.