Liz Truss' summer campaign begins by flogging same old Brexit divisions - The Yorkshire Post says

It took Liz Truss mere hours into Parliament’s summer recess to indicate what sort of a campaign she would run over the coming weeks in her efforts to beat Rishi Sunak in the race to be Prime Minister.

The Tory leadership hopeful “believes that a red tape bonfire will encourage business investment and boost growth”, her camp said yesterday, vowing to review all EU laws retained after Brexit by the end of next year if she enters No 10 Downing Street.

Ms Truss said she would set a “sunset” deadline for every piece of EU-derived business regulation and assess whether it stimulates domestic growth or investment by the end of 2023.

Quite how she would review some 2,000 pieces of legislation in under a year and a half while the Civil Service faces cutbacks is anyone’s guess.

Leasdership hopeful Liz Truss. Pic: Getty.

It appears that the expedient Ms Truss – she voted to Remain in 2016 – must know that is near-impossible but seemingly thinks that the best way to win the race is to prolong the bitter ‘culture wars’ that have divided the nation since the EU referendum.

Many people, Conservative members or not, will frankly be delighted by Ms Truss’ anti-red tape sloganeering.

However, it would be reckless to throw out all laws, even those which have bettered life here in the UK, simply because they are derived from the EU.

And it is not a unifying strategy that the majority of the electorate can get behind. It will strike many Britons who still consider themselves European, and who enjoy soaking up the continental culture, as simply xenophobic.

We need policy over personality. The Foreign Secretary and potential PM should set out her own plans instead of telling us what she would like to scrap.

Ultimately, seizing on the division of recent years instead of delivering her own vision is just more of the same –not the fresh start this country needs.