Out means out and MPs should accept Brexit - Yorkshire Post letters

From: FJ Brown, Boothferry Road, Hull.

Anger is growing over delays to Brexit.

MY small firm with 14 loyal staff regularly sends a third of its output to the continent.

Having found that many companies are already trading under the aegis of WTO, I did the responsible thing and, with available advice, did the groundwork for trade after ‘no deal’ Brexit which we voted for in 2016.

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An EU biased deal, tying us to Brussels and undermining our bonds with Northern Ireland, was not even contemplated
at the referendum. Out meant out.

Unsurprisingly, in this age-old fishing community, there is anger at MPs who strongly oppose their constituents, and keep quiet about the appalling future EU plans, as detailed in the Lisbon Treaty.

From: Mrs P Stewart, North Lodge Lane, Darrington, Pontefract.

ROUND One – Voted out of EU. It does not matter who voted what, that was the result. Out. Straightforward.

Round Two – The Prime Minister. No one in the House of Commons backed her. Dreadful.

All thought they knew better. Just their views. If Brexit is not delivered, no one in the country will accept the outcome of future votes from this day on.