Positive changes need to emerge from Yorkshire racism row - The Yorkshire Post says

The investigation into racism allegations at Yorkshire County Cricket Club has been erratic and not fit for purpose with a lack of due process hindering efforts to establish what took place at the club while providing a much needed way forward.

This is highlighted by the dismissal of the charge against former England captain Michael Vaughan of using racist and/or discriminatory language.

Vaughan is right to call into question the Cricket Discipline Commission’s approach, which has pitted teammates, past and present, against one another with its adversarial approach.

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It was good to see the former England captain highlight the importance of not taking away from Azeem Rafiq’s own lived experiences and to reinforce the need for cricket to do much more on tackling racism in the sport.

Yorkshire County Cricket Club's Headingley Stadium. PIC: Danny Lawson/PA WireYorkshire County Cricket Club's Headingley Stadium. PIC: Danny Lawson/PA Wire
Yorkshire County Cricket Club's Headingley Stadium. PIC: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

There should be no room for discrimination of any kind anywhere in society, not least in the dressing rooms and grounds of professional cricket clubs, which bring together diverse groups of talent to entertain a diverse audience.

There are no winners from this racism scandal but if all those involved, including the authorities, can start the process of reconciliation and begin to implement positive changes then hope may just emerge from the darkness.

Wounded parties still haven’t had closure, including those that were summarily dismissed during the febrile atmosphere at the back end of 2021. We need to move beyond claim and counterclaim and start looking at how constructive changes can be made that transform the culture across the wider game.

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Racism isn’t just a Yorkshire CCC problem, nor is it just a cricket problem. But it is a wider societal scourge that needs to be rooted out. Hopefully, once the dust settles, Yorkshire CCC can be a beacon for inclusivity.