Preserving The Yorkshire Regiment is worth the fight – The Yorkshire Post says

THE only county regiment left in the British Army has not only a storied past, but also an important and continuing role in which we can and should take pride.

Men of the West Yorkshire Regiment being inspected in their tin helmets at Aldershot (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

The Yorkshire Regiment is the 21st century embodiment of antecedent units from across the county, whose collective history can be traced back to 1685.

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Their role in the Second World War – at Dunkirk, on D-Day and in the Burma and North Africa campaigns especially – is what we will be rightly commemorating in this 75th anniversary week. But we might also pause to consider the service of the present-day soldiers in Afghanistan and of the reserves here in Yorkshire, who were mobilised to help clean up after last winter’s floods and again now as part of the Covid Support Force.

When the Army was last reorganised, it was deemed unthinkable not to retain a regiment bearing the name of the only county big enough to sustain one from its own ranks.

Long may that remain the case.