Quick action to repair flood-hit bridges in Yorkshire Dales is commendable - The Yorkshire Post says

EVERYBODY who saw the pictures of torrential rain and flooding washing away roads and bridges in the Dales felt a sense of dismay that such a calamity had befallen one of the loveliest areas of Yorkshire.

The bridge is on the route of the men's cycling elite road race for the world championship in September. Photo: Tim Goode/PA Wire

Now, though, there is cause to be cheerful. North Yorkshire County Council deserves praise for pulling out all the stops to get temporary bridges in place at Grinton Moor and Cogden whilst repairs to the damaged structures go ahead.

Shocking photos show flood damage to Tour de France Grand Depart bridge in the Yorkshire DalesThey have lost little time in helping communities to get back on their feet and by acting so commendably quickly, the council has benefited both residents and visitors alike.

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The UCI World Championship cycling route due to cross the bridge at Grinton Moor will now be able to go ahead as planned in September.

The collapsed bridge near Grinton, North Yorkshire. Photo: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Flood-destroyed Grinton Moor Bridge in Yorkshire Dales to be replaced ahead of UCI cycling world championshipsThis is important for the Dales, as it will attract worldwide attention that is likely to result in increased visitor numbers in the years ahead. The value of that tourism to the economy cannot be overstated.

It was notable that all the local authorities in the affected areas urged visitors not to be put off by the floods. They were right to do so, because many businesses rely on these peak holiday weeks for their living.

Flooding misery will be Yorkshire’s new normal without urgent climate action: Simon BowensBut the everyday life of the residents is equally important. Without those bridges, they would struggle to get to work or the shops and after the holidays, children might have faced problems in getting to school.

By recognising the need to put measures in place quickly to allow life to get back to normal, the council has served the Dales admirably.