Royal revelations and priceless history of Harewood letters – The Yorkshire Post says

BRITAIN’S enduring affection for the Royal Family, and fascination with its inner workings have both been boosted by the cache of letters discovered at one of Yorkshire’s most iconic stately homes, Harewood House.

HRH Princess Mary with her husband Henry, 6th Earl of Harewood on the Terrace at Harewood, 1946. Copyright: Harewood House Trust

The letters from and to Princess Mary, the only daughter of George V, which form the basis of a Channel 4 series offer an unprecedented insight into one of the monarchy’s most turbulent periods that led to the abdication of Edward VIII in 1936.

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This is an era and event subjected to such endless analysis over so many years that it might have been supposed that there was little new to be discovered.

David Lascelles is the current Earl of Harewood|Read here}

Yet Princess Mary’s letters have demonstrated otherwise.

They have also shown something else – that the Royal Family, like all others in Britain, have always had their heartaches and secrets.

And by revealing them, the Harewood letters are a valuable addition to our country’s history.