Spirit of goodwill needed as coronavirus crisis grows – The Yorkshire Post says

INEVITABLY, this will be a weekend of great trepidation as families come to terms with the public health – and economic – consequences of the coronarvirus pandemic as sporting and cultural events are cancelled.

A man and woman wearing protective face masks on a bus as fears grow over coronavirus.

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Chancellor’s £30bn plan to prevent coronavirus spread – The Yorkshire Post says

Apart from the wartime generation, this is new territory for the country and wider world – a crisis which permeates through every strata of society.

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And while, regrettably, it has brought out the worst in a selfish minority – whether it be panic buying in supermarkets or ignoring official advice about hygiene – it is, typically, bringing out the best in a great many people.

What will be the impact of coronavirus on the wider economy?

Coming under the ‘Team Yorkshire’ euphemism, these are the families who have taken the time to thank NHS staff, and others, for working all hours to prioritise those people with the most NHS needs. Morale will be crucial when spirits flag, as they will do.

Then there are the companies and employees making alternative arrangements to ensure that they can continue to operate if more stringent ‘quarantine’ protocols are deemed necessary – it’s also critical local agencies, like the LEPs, also pool their expertise so they can do more to help those seasonal businesses, like B&Bs, who are already paying a heavy price due to cancellations.

And finally there are all those people – too many to list – who are going the extra mile to look out for the elderly and, potentially, vulnerable. Such public-spiritedness, which this county is famed for, does make a difference.

As such, this newspaper’s hopes and expectations are two-fold – to implore everyone to follow official guidance while, at the same time, urging readers to look out for others through simple acts of kindness and humanity. For, if this spirit of goodwill comes to define Yorkshire’s approach to coronavirus, the county will be much better placed to withstand the worst public health crisis for a generation.