These flytippers insult Captain Sir Tom Moore’s heroism and shame society – The Yorkshire Post says

CREDIT goes to Bradford Council for a swift response after Morton Cemetery at Riddlesden – the final resting place of NHS fundraiser Captain Sir Tom Moore – was targeted by flytippers who dumped a large number of household items there.

Recent flytipping at Morton Cemetery, Riddlesden.

Yet the more profound questions are this: What possesses people to flytip in the first place when each area is served by council-run refuse tips – and what on earth motivates them to do so at supposedly sacred places of solitude?

Understandably, there will be much debate about whether CCTV cameras should be installed at cemeteries – precisely the scenario envisaged by George Orwell in his landmark book 1984 when he raised the notion, then unthinkable and just as uncomfortable now, of cameras in trees.

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However the issue at hand is not state surveillance but, the low-life who think such criminality is tolerable in a civilised society. It is not. Yet they will persist unless more robust deterrents are in place. Suggestions please.

Captain Sir Tom Moore's ashes are buried at Morton Cemetery at Riddlesden.

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Relatives of Captain Sir Tom Moore (left to right) Colin Ingram-Moore (son in law), Georgia Ingram-Moore (granddaughter), Hannah Ingram-Moore (daughter), Benjie Ingram-Moore (grandson), Lucy Teixeira (daughter) and Tom Teixeira (son in law), walk through a guard of honour ahead of burying Sir Tom's ashes at his family's grave in Morton Cemetery, Riddlesden, Keighley.