Unending battle against nature brings flooding heartache once again - The Yorkshire Post says

FLOODING has once again inflicted misery on our county, leaving householders and business people counting the cost not only in financial terms, but in the heartache of seeing homes and premises ruined by the surge of muddy water.

The flooding rescue effort in Doncaster.

An exceptionally heavy rainfall is to blame, with a month’s worth falling over the course of a single day on already-saturated ground after a wet few weeks. The flooding has claimed a life, with a woman being swept away in Derbyshire, the most tragic possible reminder of the danger it poses.

28 shocking photos of the flooding in YorkshireAlthough flood defences have gone a considerable way towards mitigating the damage, Yorkshire needs to be braced for more to come, however much we might wish it otherwise.

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We are only at the very beginning of winter, and the months ahead will inevitably bring further heavy rainfall or snow.

Flood water covers the rail tracks at Rotherham Central train station. Photo by Oli Scarff / AFP via Getty Images.

Climate change is producing more frequent episodes of extreme weather, as our county knows to its cost after a series of extremely destructive and widespread floods in recent years.

Drone footage shows extent of flooding in South YorkshireThe challenge ahead lies in our ability to cope with this, both in terms of keeping people safe and minimising the disruption and economic consequences.

Improved accuracy in weather forecasting is giving us better warning of likely floods, enabling action to be taken. There is also an ongoing programme of flood defence work which over time will safeguard more areas.

Even so, this is an unending battle against nature with all its unpredictability and capacity to bring towns and cities to a standstill.