Why Reform were the real winners of the general election - GP Taylor

You may not have heard it in the mainstream media, but Reform were the winners of the General Election. A party that went from nothing managed to come in third place with the number of votes cast.

Don’t believe that it was a landslide victory for Labour. They got the same as Corbyn in 2019 and Starmer is the least popular politician in the country. The Labour government is built on sand and in 100 days, the electorate will be so fed up with them, I believe it will lead to civil unrest.

Even with a 56 per cent turnout, Reform managed to gain 4,072,947 votes with the Conservatives on 6,755,953.

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Although they got millions of votes, Reform only won five seats. In contrast Plaid Cyrmu won four seats with a meagre 194,811 votes.

Reform UK leader and MP for Clacton Nigel Farage speaks during a press conference in Westminster. PIC: Tejas SandhuReform UK leader and MP for Clacton Nigel Farage speaks during a press conference in Westminster. PIC: Tejas Sandhu
Reform UK leader and MP for Clacton Nigel Farage speaks during a press conference in Westminster. PIC: Tejas Sandhu

In any sane world four million would have turned into at least 70 seats in Parliament for Reform and not the measly five that they won. Like it or not, Reform is the 3rd most popular party in the UK and is streets ahead of the smug Lib Dems, Greens and the Islamic Independents.

The Reform revolt is in a position, that, with the right leadership can only grow. This was not a protest vote. No. It was working women and men saying that they have had enough of what Labour and Tories have on offer. It was a no vote to mass immigration, big government, higher taxes and globalism.

Nigel Farage is the most popular politician in Britain. His Tik-Tok profile is extremely high and he is the darling of Gen Z. If anyone can make the youth of this country engage with politics then it will be him. Bring on voting for 16-year-olds. They will all vote Reform.

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The future for Reform will not be easy. The woke BBC, Channel 4 and Sky News have an obvious and blatant disgust for them. Their coverage was very biased against Reform, portraying the party as racist, which it certainly is not.

Every future candidate will face intense press scrutiny. Farage and his team must make sure the bad apples that infect every political party are rooted out.

However, Labour has had its fair share of racists. Many of their MP’s had been suspended.

Reform has to play to their strengths. The political class of this country are no longer trusted. Farage must ensure that his party is free from scandal. Voters hate dirty dealing and double standards. Transparency and truth are what the public want. It is no longer allowable for political parties to be secretive cabal’s where they do deals in private. After all, they are our servants and we are not their serfs as politicians would want us to believe.

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Boris and his lock down parties, Starmer and his pizza and beer should no longer be tolerated. Politicians must be above reproach.

In a few weeks, the boats crossing the channel will be the size of an armada. Starmer and Rayner have signalled that we are an open house to anyone wanting to come here illegally. Rayner has even offered to give them new houses on the greenbelt she is willing to destroy.

Rupert Lowe MP said, “the vast, vast majority of those illegally entering the UK are not genuine asylum seekers. They are economic migrants, mostly young and male. Agendas and backgrounds unknown. It is pure insanity to allow these men in. Enough is enough.”

He is right and millions of people agree with him.

Reform has to fight the cause of housing for British born people and not economic chancers from the third world. It is incumbent on them to be a voice against the rise in sectarian pro-Gaza politicians within Labour who put loyalty to the ummah above that of the country they live in.

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Labour will declare war on Brexit, wood burning stoves, motorists, first time buyers, landlords and pensioners. Reform will become the only voice of the people as the state pension is means tested, stamp duty increased, wood burners banned, landlords tied in red tape and Brexit overturned.

The preservation of English culture, our heritage and beliefs are in the hands of five Reform MPs. No other party cares about us and Labour is devoid of patriots.

Britain will be filled with low skilled foreigners as cultural replacement is accelerated under Labour. This is to provide a cheap workforce. Does Starmer not realise that some estimate that 75 per cent of these people will remain on benefits?

Reform must fight the advancement of a woke ideology that disputes that a woman is an adult human female. Farage and Co must shout long and hard that biological women need safe spaces.

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Reform will also have to fight for free speech. Soon, Labour could legislate that this article may be deemed a hate crime. I could be arrested and imprisoned.

Let Labour never forget that when tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.

GP Taylor is a writer and broadcaster who lives in Yorkshire.

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